Daily Kos: Wisconsin a Victory for the Left

Is Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas just whistling past the graveyard?  Or was Moulitsas just trying to rally the left's flagging troops when he wrote last night for his blog that Wisconsin was a victory for the left?  Or, politically, is Moulitsas a guy whose reach far exceeds his grasp?  The GOP held the Wisconsin State Senate despite huge outlays and manpower investments by an array of unions and left-leaning political groups... a thumping victory for GOP Governor Scott Walker and conservatives.       Moulitsas' ham-handed, rah-rah, let's-not-turn-tail-and-run analysis of the Wisconsin State Senate special election results means that: 1) the left is scared; 2) the left needs to be rallied; 3) Moulitsas is either being misleading about the facts or isn't informed. Here's some of Moulitsas' spin:       I've got to say, I expected to be torn up if we didn't get to three seats [required to...(Read Full Post)