Credit Downgrade: Where do we go to get our good name back?

Now that Standard and Poor's has concluded that America isn't as credit worthy as we once were and has downgraded U.S. debt, we need an immediate course correction. We cannot stand by flat-footed and allow additional agencies, like Moody's and Fitch, to join S&P, and we certainly can't allow further downgrades to even lower ratings. The S&P downgrade and the threat of downgrades to come is the perfect opportunity for our elected officials to finally do something real about the federal debt. It gives them cover to seize the moment and explain to the American people why everyone must sacrifice. That is, get less from the government. As this downgrade is a government-caused disaster, those Congressmen whose first response is to advocate tax rate hikes on the wealthy should be hounded out of office. The correct response to this unprecedented smudge on our national reputation is immediate, massive spending cuts -- $500 billion for FY2012 is the minimum. All pork, every earmark, NPR...(Read Full Post)