Cobalt Blue Arrogance

From a state capitol that basks under surreally blue skies comes a consummate example of progressive smugness. In an installment of his Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper column pretentiously titled, "Understanding Your World," former U.S. Foreign Service officer and Time magazine correspondent William Stewart writes: Let us be clear: We were not faced with an economic crisis over raising the debt ceiling. Instead, we faced an unnecessary political crisis brought on by the failure of our two main political parties to deal with what since 1917 has been a routine matter of government business. In other words, the problem lies not in spending obscene quantities of existing and not-yet-born people's money. No, the fault lies in failing to secure another credit card to allow spending yet obscener quantities of money belonging to the children of people not yet born. Stewart heaps on the flawed reasoning, this time dressed as wisdom. The fact of the matter is that Republican members of...(Read Full Post)