Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Push Calamitous Bidding Process

Progressives implementing Obamacare and nudging the U.S. towards single payer care are putting their reckless programs into high gear. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) headed by Dr. Don Berwick, formerly of the far left Institute of Medicine, has changed the bidding process for medical device companies causing them to eventually produce lower cost inferior products, or go out of business completely. The people running the program at CMS probably hope they will emerge looking like geniuses who saved taxpayers billions, while the home care industry will get the blame as quality falls, shortages develop, deliveries become irregular, innovation ceases, and more people end up in hospitals.  The Weekly Standard report explains why Americans who need basic health care will fast become big losers while the Obama regime pushes us towards a single payer system. "Neither I nor anyone else have ever seen any bidding process anywhere that works this way," says University...(Read Full Post)