Breakthrough: NY Times uses the 'T-word' about attack on Israel

Usually, the euphemism-besotted vocabulary of the New York Times avoids use of the "T"-for - terrorism word or "T"-for-terrorists word like the plague.  So it comes as a refreshing change to read Cairo correspondent Fares Akran use the "T" word not once but twice in an Aug. 26 dispatch about continuing rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and Israeli counter-terrorism strikes against terror cells in Gaza ("Israeli Strikes In Retaliation Kill 9 Gazans" page A11). Akram writes that the "recent round of violence started a week ago, with a terrorist attack on southern Israel in which eight Israelis were killed."  This sentence is doubly accurate.  It was indeed a terrorist attack aimed primarily at civilians.  And it also was the trigger for Palestinian rocket fire and Israeli retaliatory strikes.  In other words, it was the Palestinians who started it. In addition, Akram, in reporting Israel's first retaliatory strike that killed "leaders of the...(Read Full Post)