Assad continues his bloody rampage against civilians

All we can do at this point is report on the carnage. Christian Science Monitor: Syrian troops attacked the city of Houleh, in central Syria and stormed Deir El Zour in eastern Syria Sunday. Both cities had seen large anti-government protests. The Associated Press reports that a rights group claimed at least four people were killed Sunday in Houleh, while a local coordinating committee claims seven deaths. In Deir El Zour, an activist told the AP that troops stormed the city at 4 a.m., attacking from four sides and taking control of eight neighborhoods. The number of casualties is unclear because many people are being treated in homes and mosques when they cannot reach the hospital. "Human conditions in the city are very bad since it has been under siege for nine days," the activist told the AP. "There is lack of medicine, baby formula, food stuff and gasoline. The city is totally paralyzed." Reuters reports that tanks have moved into the city, and quotes a resident who said that...(Read Full Post)