A very basic question

When do human beings receive the unalienable right to life?  The question the pro-abortion crowd will not (or cannot) answer.Here in fly-over country South Central PA, we are fortunate to have an excellent local talk radio station (based out of Harrisburg) which has the largest listenership in the area.  One of the popular local talk-bubbas is a criminal defense attorney and an atheist.  While a bit cantankerous with callers at times, he is thoughtful, respectful, and a fearsome debater.  His show can be heard on Saturdays afternoons.Following the GOP debate in Iowa on Thursday evening, my non-believer friend posted the following to his Face Book page:"Elect Santorum so I can defend OB-GYNs.. I hear they can afford to pay well."This was in response to Santorum's assertion that doctors performing abortions should be prosecuted (after abortion is made illegal).This begs a question, and one that the pro-abortion crowd refuses to (or cannot) address :  When...(Read Full Post)