A Cure For The Republicans-Caved-On-The-Debt-Ceiling Blues

It hit me as I left the store, and a blue shirted elderly woman sporting a warm smile said, "Thank you for shopping at Walmart."   For some reason, it struck me, "Wow, all this was started by one man, Sam Walton". I caught a bit of the Walmart story while flipping through the channels a few days earlier. Walton's wife said, "We were finally out of debt and living comfortably. But, that was not enough for Sam. He had an idea for a new store". A businessman on the TV program said, "I liked Sam. So, when he showed me his new store, I leveled with him. I said it was the worst store I had even seen and could never work. Thank God Sam did not listen to me". Sam Walton following his dream, passion and vision, created a worldwide phenomenon employing two million associates in the U.S.; one man affecting the lives of millions. Wow! Patriots, like so many of you, I am extremely frustrated by the debt ceiling deal. We worked our butts off to get Tea Party candidates elected and the...(Read Full Post)