A Bridge Too Far for the Nanny State

Suicide is tragic from any perspective. It is saddening to think that someone's emotional state could decay to the point where death appears preferable to life. Loved ones and acquaintances are left to sort out feelings of helplessness and try to fill holes in hearts and minds--holes made emptier by memories both bad and good. The disturbing reality is that people who see nonexistence as an attractive option will always live among us. Suicide is a human thing. And human things follow humans wherever we go. Lying north of Taos, New Mexico, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the river gushing 650 feet below. During an almost five-decade existence, the bridge has been the site of many suicides. Those deaths have now been thrust into public focus by two suicides within the last several weeks. The recent instances inspired renewed calls for government to erect jump-prevention barriers. New Mexico State Senator Carlos Cisneros and fellow senators are...(Read Full Post)