Geithner in April: 'No risk' of downgrade

What little does one need these days to qualify as an "expert" in -- anything?... It does not seem wholly unreasonable to base one's assessment of the reliability of some purported exceptionally talented "expert" in their chosen field, by observing the amount of time that passes between the time the purported "expert" makes some bold "expert" prognostication, and the time that bold "expert" prognostication is proven remarkably inaccurate and is thus, wholly discredited. Now, in light of the fact that President Obama, and administration and Democrat notables have uttered some rather bold prognostications that have proven, with the passage of time to be, er, rather unreliable, I've been bookmarking articles which contain records of such bold prognostications, in a browser folder entitled, of course, "Prognostications." With the recent extremely contentious debt limit "negotiations," and the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating, I reckon one such bold prognostication is worth...(Read Full Post)