10 Reasons why Glenn Beck is right about the Mid East; his critics wrong

While former Fox news show host Glenn Beck stages massive rallies in Israel supporting the country, prominent Mid East analyst Barry Rubin clearly sums up Beck's main points and why he is correct--and his so called elitist critics are wrong. Reason 10 alone explains why so many liberals, especially internationally, detest Beck. 1. The main threat in the Middle East is revolutionary Islamism and the United States must combat it. (snip)Revolutionary Islamism includes on its side: Iran, Syria, Hizballah (largely controlling Lebanon), Hamas (governing the Gaza Strip), and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as al-Qaida and, more subtly, the regime governing Turkey. It is an ideology innately hostile to the West, the United States, and Israel. It cannot be bought off or moderated. Revolutionary Islamists will either take over the Middle East or be defeated. 2. The problem is not Islam as a religion but revolutionary Islamism as a political ideology that draws on normative Islam to...(Read Full Post)