WFP to call terrorist's bluff on food aid to Somalia

The World Food Program is flying 10 tons of food into Mogadishu and will apparently try and distribute the aid despite warnings from Islamists in control of much of the country. BBC: The delivery was to have begun on Tuesday but was delayed from leaving Kenya by bureaucratic hurdles. Islamist militias control most of Somalia and have banned the WFP from their areas. The WFP delivery is the first airlift of food aid since the UN declared a famine in two southern areas of Somalia last week. Thousands of people have fled to Mogadishu in search of assistance. The weak interim government, backed by an African Union force, controls only parts of the city. Somalia is thought to be worst-hit by the crisis, but Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti have also been affected. More than 10 million people in the region are thought to be at risk. Somali Foreign Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has warned that more than 3.5 million people "may starve to death" in his country. The Islamists say there is no famine in...(Read Full Post)