We Are Expected to Believe...

That Mr Obama isn't out of ideas on how to fix the economy, although two years ago he said the raising taxes in a recession is "the last thing you want to do." That being out of work isn't the same thing as being unemployed. That since prosperity brings more tax income to the government, higher tax rates will help bring prosperity to the economy. Mr. Obama knows what he is doing in running the American economy based upon no financial or business education and no experience other than being a community organizer. Mr Bernanke's total business experience is working summers at "South of the Border" while going to college. That a lack of regulation didn't cause the "Collateralized Debt Obligation"-led financial meltdown, but regulation can prevent it from recurring. That the government printing more money is good for the economy, but you if print (counterfeit) money that it is bad for the economy. That even though it was common knowledge for 30 years that when the baby boomers reached...(Read Full Post)