Wash. Post hammers settlements, ignores PA glorification of terrorist killers

In its July 23 edition, the Washington Post runs a dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg that is sharply critical of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and also of a new controversial Israeli law that makes Israeli individuals or groups liable to monetary penalties if they urge boycotts of products from these settlements ("West Bank settlements land in middle of anti-boycott fight -- Law to protect disputed Israeli territories goes up against free speech" page A7). Greenberg focuses on a Jewish winery in the West Bank that has garnered top prizes in local and international competitions.  The new law would enable the winery to strike back at boycotts launched from within Israel by suing for monetary damages.  Greenberg not only sees this as an infringement of free speech, but as a news pag to hammer away at settlements in general as major obstacles to a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Here's how he puts it: "The controversy (over the...(Read Full Post)