To Fund Liberal Programs Confiscate Liberal Wealth

Head Start and an Infrastructure Bank are just two "investments" Obama can't make now but wants to once we get our fiscal house in order by raising the debt ceiling and raising taxes. But he can get his programs funded now by simply confiscating the wealth of liberals -- many of whom complain endlessly that they pay too little in taxes while others like Obama himself claim to have more wealth than he needs. Let's start with Warren Buffet, who cries out almost weekly on CNBC at the injustice of seeing his secretary taxed at a higher rate than he is.  It's just not fair, and he asserts that the rich like him should pay more in taxes. In fact he's had the chance to pay more in taxes for the last half-century by simply announcing that his company Berkshire Hathaway would declare a regular cash dividend (it never has).  Buffet is one of Obama's godfathers and if he declared a special cash dividend of $20B- just half of his holding company's cash hoard- then he could raise nearly...(Read Full Post)