Throwin' Br'er Perry in the Briarpatch

Ah those clever atheists-attacking Rick Perry so publicly with a lawsuit to protest his participation in The Response, a gathering of Christians in Houston's Reliant Stadium on August 6th for a day of prayer. While tending to admire freethinkers, having always been a bit of one myself, I can't but believe that the irony of this situation is bringing smiles to the faces of all of us who think Perry should be our next president. Surely the wiser heads at the Freedom From Religion Foundation should have realized that by filing their suit they are bestowing millions of dollars of free political promotion upon the very politician they apparently do not want to see elected to the presidency. Sure, opportunistic detractors are using The Response as an opportunity to nail Perry for his religious beliefs but every piece they write is just bringing the relatively unknown governor to the attention of Americans who now know nothing about him. And one can only guess as to how many of those folks...(Read Full Post)