Through the Looking Glass: the Injustice Department

Regarding M. Catharine Evans blog article on the recently issued Executive Order, Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, I find a number of things to be rather curious.  For instance, of the four listed target organizations, two, the Yakuza and Camorra have been around for hundreds of years:  the Yakuza since the Edo Period, and the Camorra back to the 1500's.  It would be enlightening to see the Administration's justification for suddenly finding them a national threat after all that time.  The Brothers' Circle is such an imminent threat that a Wikipedia search yields this while Googling that term yields nothing more than hits on the Obama executive order. Should we not expect to find some mentions of their menace if they are truly a national threat worthy of listing in a presidential edict? And this whole issue becomes, as Alice would say, "Curioser and curioser," when we look at what organizations are not listed. Of the several Mexican and...(Read Full Post)