"The Undefeated" Trailer

Andrew Brietbart's Big Government website has posted a trailer to the Sarah Palin film "The Undefeated." The much anticipated Sarah Palin documentary by filmmaker Steve Bannon comes out in theaters next Friday, July 15th. People can now see the trailer for the first time. I've now seen the film three times and one thing that stands out is how Sarah Palin has always been on the offensive and refuses to apologize for who she is. Subsequently, there are tens of millions of Americans who not only relate to her, but her ballsyness contrasts more with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. If Sarah Palin doesn't run for the Presidency, someone in the Republican Party should take note on what real leadership looks like. Here's the official website. AMC Theaters is releasing the film nationwide so check for a screening in your area.(Read Full Post)