The Crocodile Feeding in Norway

See also: The blond, blue-eyed terror suspect in Oslo (updated) "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile -- hoping it will eat him last." Winston Churchill Norway, which has a sordid history of feeding the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel beast, woke up this morning to the shock of the Islamist beast feeding on Norwegian blood. Update and correction: Early reports were that a bomb by an Al Qaeda-linked group caused an explosion at the government headquarters in Oslo. Those reports were incorrect.  The body count is not yet in, but most of Norway must be asking "Why us? Haven't we been sufficiently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel?" If anti-Israel sentiment were a shield against Islamist attacks, Norway should have had an Iron Dome. Rather than oppose the growing internal threat from radical Islam, left-wing Norwegian government parties have chosen to appease them by fighting Israel. The list of anti-Israel initiatives is far too long to mention, but some highlights include Kristin...(Read Full Post)