The 'Arab Spring' becomes the 'Arab Mobilization'

The nations outside North Africa and the Middle East refer to the troubles there since January as the "Arab Spring," perhaps trying to link it romantically to the uprising in Poland.  However, the Middle East TV networks refer to it as the "Arab Awakening."   Why the polemic choice of labels?  This week an Arab TV network explained when they called it the "Arabs awakening to jihad."  This is internal jihad as the Moslem Brotherhood take over nation after nation to put together their caliphate while the West dreams springtime fantasies.   Last night the new word on al-Jazeera, our State Department's favorite news source which is the mouthpiece for the Moslem Brotherhood, was "mobilization" as in a "call to arms" or a "gathering of troops."  It was used in reference to the mobs gathering in Tunisia and Syria but not Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan or Bahrain.   Who is the leader of these forces being mobilized?  The Moslem Brotherhood.  In...(Read Full Post)