Stop insulting us, President Obama!

Does anyone else within the "public at large" feel the way I do about the remarks being made by the President and other Democrats?  The news conference on Monday was very revealing on how exactly President Obama thinks about the American public at large. When asked a question by Chip Reid concerning a CBS poll saying only "24 percent of Americans said you should raise the debt limit..."   And how did the president respond? "Well, let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large.  The public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury option goes. They shouldn't." President Obama, July 11, 2011, approximately 11:20 EDT. Hold your horses here cowboy!  The way I read this is that you are saying the difference between "professional politicians" and non-politicians is that you guys know what you are doing, we don't understand what is going on and we "shouldn't" be concerned because you are smarter than we...(Read Full Post)