Speaker Boehner, Please Stop Saying 'How High?'

The debt crisis is driving me nuts. It's not the intractability of either side that is responsible for my craziness. It's the inability of the House Republicans to put forth their message that is making me crazy. Consider, the House has passed two budget proposals intended to deal with the debt. The first, the Cantor-initiated legislation, passed and went to the Senate only to "die in committee."  The Senate didn't have the courage to allow a vote.  The second, the Cut Cap and Balance bill was passed in the House and, yes, again, "died in committee" in the Senate, again, avoiding a floor vote.  (Here's a great simple discussion of the congressional legislative process:.) This is not a surprise. There are twenty one Democrat Senators that are up for re-election in 2012 and none of them want to be on record as having voted to increase our debt. So, Harry Reid is allowing his Democrat members to avoid having a voting record on the debt by making sure the bills never...(Read Full Post)