Soft landing for fired IL school superintendents

A Chicago Tribune investigation has revealed that even incompetent school superintendents are let down easy when they are fired courtesy of tax payers. The Golden Parachute: Stanley Fields resigned after just a year as superintendent of a suburban Cook County school district where he was put on leave, faced with firing and ultimately required to apologize to the community. Still, he walked away with a $100,000 severance payment. He also had prematurely left his prior job, at a Lake County high school district, cashing out $30,426 in unused vacation. The school board waived a $60,000 breach-of-contract payment from Fields, now superintendent in another Chicago-area school district. Fields' experience illustrates a statewide phenomenon that is costing the public millions in buyout deals worked out in secret by school boards, a Tribune investigation found. The newspaper's review of more than 100 superintendent contracts, financial records and severance agreements over a decade revealed...(Read Full Post)