So clear even a liberal could understand

Noemie Emery has written an important essay in the Weekly Standard on the problem with the welfare state. It expertly explains the politics of  entitlements, full of insight. Best of all, it is written in a way that makes it accessible to liberals with doubts. The coming election requires that conservatives win over people who supported liberal politics because they thought they were being compassionate. Some of them are waking up and noticing that these policies haven't worked very well. It is hard to deny reality forever. But we have to provide them a honorable way out of their old positions. Emery does this in spades, explaining what happens when goods -- things that require human effort -- are confused with rights -- which come from nature and are costless. Her explanation of "the dangers inherent in treating a good as a right" is crystal clear and persuasive. She couples this with a political history of how this confusion became embedded in our political economy. Here are a...(Read Full Post)