Senate postpones Libya resolution to deal with debt

Harry Reid wanted to bring the resolution on congressional support for the war in Libya to the floor but backed off when it became apparent the GOP wasn't interested in doing anything not related to the debt ceiling vote. The Hill: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) canceled a vote on legislation authorizing U.S. military action in Libya after facing pressure from GOP lawmakers, who warned they would vote the measure down in order to focus on budget matters. Reid canceled the vote just hours before it was to begin, noting he had reached an agreement with the Republican leadership that would allow the chamber to work on issues related to the debt crisis. "We have agreed that the most important thing to focus on this week is the budget, so we will work on the 'Sense of [the] Senate' resolution and perhaps a Republican alternative as well," he said. Several Republicans complained about the Libya vote, noting Senate Democrats cited the debt crisis as the reason for canceling this...(Read Full Post)