Remember the US Postal Service? They're closing nearly 4000 rural offices

If you're like me and virtually live online, you may have to have your memory jogged about the US Postal Service. They're the guys that used to have a monopoly on communications in America until email left them eating dust and going broke. There is no bill that I pay where I use snail mail. I send no missives to family or friends. Reluctantly, the few Christmas cards I send go via the Post Office but I don't even do that anymore, Sue does it. And yet... Being a conservative, I value tradition. And the tradition of the US Postal Service is a long and honorable one. For the longest time in American history, the only contact people had with government in Washington was the US Postal Service. For a continental country, it was of vital importance in that the Postal Service connected the far flung boundaries of America and bonded us together. Now that it's dying, there is sadness in reading that so many people in rural America will be without the services of a local postmaster: The...(Read Full Post)