Reader beware

Haaretz is a small-circulation Israeli daily  with huge influence about the Jewish state's image across the world.  Within Israel, it's the most leftist of all mass media, denouncing any and all politicians who are not ready to cede as much land as possible to the Palestinians.  Not only does Haaretz instill its anti-Zionist propaganda in editorials and commentaries, but also in coloring its "news" articles to fit its radical, ideological agenda. In Israel, Haaretz's influence is negligible.  It basically follows the party line of far-left Meretz, but that party has shriveled to insignificance in recent elections. Where Haaretz causes the gravest damage to Israel is abroad  -- in dispatches of maintream media correspondents, who regard its English edition as their bible and copiously cite and quote Haaretz in their Israel-bashing reports as a supposedly unimpeachable source. Readers, however, should be on...(Read Full Post)