Our Bully President in the Pulpit

What is a person who picks on the weak and helpless?   I think the appropriate  term is "bully." Why then haven't media sources denounced President Obama as a bully for picking on Social Security recipients -- threatening to cut off their monthly stipends? Within days of President Obama's decision to bully Social Security recipients, Facebook and Time Warner were reported by the AP's Michael Liedtke, July 12, to have agreed  to raise the country's awareness about bullying and to encourage people to report instances of bullying behavior. The AP story notes that 13 million students, one-third of the U.S. student population, are estimated to be victims of bullying. Who  in the media will take note of the bullying by President Obama of the more than 54 million Americans on Social Security, used by the president as pawns in his zeal to increase the debt ceiling? President Obama reportedly has threatened Republicans that he will cut-off Social Security checks if GOP...(Read Full Post)