On bullet train crash, China up to their old communist tricks

This should surprise only those who forget that China is, at bottom, a totalitarian regime with close control of the press. Reuters: Government directives demanding journalists not question official accounts of a deadly high-speed train crash in eastern China are fueling public anger and suspicion about conflicting details of the accident, such as the death toll. Saturday night's crash killed at least 38 people and was China's deadliest rail disaster since 2008, raising new questions about the safety of the fast-growing and high-profile high-speed rail network. The central propaganda department issued directives to media on Sunday for coverage of the accident. "The major theme for the Wenzhou bullet train case from now on will be known as 'in the face of great tragedy, there's great love'," the department said, according to a copy of the directives posted on a web site called the "ministry of truth", that regularly posts copies of government orders. "Do not question, do not...(Read Full Post)