Obama's Team: Commie Night at US Cellular Field

Welcome once again to the People's Republic of Chicago (PRC), home of Barack Obama and his favorite baseball team, the Chicago White Sox.  Monday night, July 25th 2011 People's World/Mundo Popular will be holding their 6th annual tailgate BBQ and fundraiser at US Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox.  Although Barack Obama will not be able to attend this openly communist fundraising event, his rabid supporter Pepe Lozano will be on hand for the gala evening.  Chicago native Pepe Lozano is a writer for CPUSA's People's World and a key leader of the Chicago Young Communist League.  Join the staff, volunteers and family of the Unity Center and the People's World editorial office as the Chicago White Sox battle their division rivals the Detroit Tigers at US Cellular Field. [...] $28.00 includes one ticket, BBQ food (vegetarian food too) and some refreshments. (BYOB please!). Tailgating BBQ from 4-6:30 p.m. at the Unity Center, 3339 S. Halstead Street Chicago...(Read Full Post)