Obama's secret plan to spin his Libyan misadventure

Forget the debt crisis, the budget, the failing economy and millions of unemployed Americans.  What Obama needs is a way to reverse his bad poll numbers and shut up the critics of the humanitarian intervention (unauthorized war) in Libya.   The poll bounce after OBL was killed should have lasted longer, in his view. The greatest and most heroic action by any U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln should have lasted until November 2012.  A white president would still be riding high.  How about taking out Gaddafi? Without putting boots on the ground in Libya, it will be impossible to assassinate Gaddafi and get full credit for the heroic mission.  Besides, since Admiral Locklear blabbed about NATO's plan to kill the Libyan leader, it just wouldn't look right.  Even if he is "accidentally killed" in an air strike, Obama wouldn't be able to claim credit because the U.S. is acting only in a limited support role, despite what those loud-mouths at...(Read Full Post)