Obama on the People's House

His polling numbers continue to slide in the midst of debt ceiling negotiations that are as stagnant as the economy.  Consequently, our President has gotten desperate, and desperation is hardly a friend of level-headedness. Obama campaigned as a populist-as a man of the people who would go to Washington and serve their interests.  As time went on, Obama pushed policies that were decidedly unpopular.  His "czars"-all of them undeniably and unashamedly liberal-deliberately avoided the constitutional (and for Obama, inconvenient) process of confirmation in Congress.  He forced through a very unpopular health care bill, so much so that it was the key thrust that resulted in the "shellacking" of Democrats last November.  Despite his actions, Obama still managed to play the populist role.  He was doing these unwelcome actions for the sake of the American people. As the debt ceiling negotiations have sent him further into desperation, Obama's true colors have...(Read Full Post)