Obama, Clinton and Robert Reich

Robert Reich has gotten into the funny stuff again. In the Wall Street Journal, the former denizen of the Clinton administration weaves a tall tale to support yet another fanciful argument: After a bruising midterm election, the president moves to the political center. He distances himself from his Democratic base. He calls for cuts in Social Security and signs historic legislation ending a major entitlement program. He agrees to balance the budget with major cuts in domestic discretionary spending. He has a showdown with Republicans who threaten to bring government to its knees if their budget demands aren't met. He wins the showdown, successfully painting them as radicals. He goes on to win re-election. Barack Obama in 2012? Maybe. But the president who actually did it was Bill Clinton. (The program he ended was Title IV of the Social Security Act, Aid to Families with Dependent Children.) It's no accident that President Obama appears to be following the Clinton script. In the...(Read Full Post)