NY Times likens pro-Hamas Audacity of Hope vessel with 1947 Jewish refugees ship, the Exodus

In its Sunday, July 3, edition, the New York Times, runs a lengthy article by Jerusalem Bureau chief Ethan Bronner about the pro-Palestinian flotilla's attempt to breach Israel's sea blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza. ("Setting Sail on Gaza's Sea of Spin," page 3 Sunday Review). While Bronner goes into some detail about how Israel and the Palestinians are trying to spin this event to their advantage, his article's main attempt is to endow the flotilla and its propagandist crews and passengers with a big dose of historical legitimacy. To understand his purpose, one need go no further than the first sentence of his article --  "Some see a parallel with the Exodus, the ship filled with Jewish refugees that tried to break the British blockade of Palestinian in 1947 and helped sway world opinion toward Zionism." To further hammer home his dubious analogy between a pro-Palestinian propaganda ship and the refugee-laden "Exodus,"  Bronner's story is illustrated by two...(Read Full Post)