NY Times columnist can't understand the 'simple minded' poor

In his most recent article for the New York Times, columnist Charles Blow compared the "current political environment" to a science fiction movie The Fifth Element. To set up his argument, Blow cites a July 22 Pew Research Center report showing that lower-income white voters who supported Democrats by a 15-point margin in 2008 are abandoning their Party. Republicans now hold a four-point lead with white families making less than $30,000. He compares the awakened poor white folk to a group of "simple-minded" alien warriors in the film who are being "used" by their evil, wealthy industrialist leader. The latter supposedly represents the GOP whose policies have "adversely affected the poor, the young and the less educated." Interestingly, President Obama employed the same talking point at his press conference on Friday. The "mad at everybody working stiffs" should blame the evil Republicans if the country goes into default and the bills don't get paid. We should not even be in that kind...(Read Full Post)