Note to Bill O'Reilly: Congress Is Self-Destructive

Radio Host Mark Levin often points out the peculiar fact that a frequent target of Cable News King Bill O'Reilly's ire is...his own audience. Bill-O's contempt was on display last night when he accused the tea party movement of being "self-destructive" because many Republican leaders have taken a hard line against raising the debt ceiling. I respectfully disagree with my AT colleague, Jon N. Hall, who endorsed O'Reilly's analysis. (I encourage readers to review Jon's take.) To begin, O'Reilly cites S&P's warning about a cut in the U.S. credit rating. If O'Reilly wants to protect the country's credit rating, perhaps he should do better homework. He might notice that the credit rating agency Egan-Jones has already cut America's ranking. The downgrade was unrelated to debt ceiling, rather they see what tea partiers in Congress see, that the federal government has no viable plan to stop its decent into fiscal insolvency. "There is a way to raise the national debt ceiling," O'Reily...(Read Full Post)