North Korea chairs UN Disarmament Conference; Canada quits, US downplays

The moral bankruptcy of the United Nations is once again on display, as nuclear proliferator/serial liar North Korea assumed chairmanship of the Geneva-based U.N. Conference on Disarmament. For the Obama administration, of course, moral bankruptcy is no big deal. Fox News reports: The U.S. won't follow Canada's lead in boycotting a United Nations arms control conference chaired by North Korea, even though the State Department concedes the rogue regime has flouted its own disarmament obligations to the Security Council and the international community. "We have chosen not to make a big deal out of this because it's a relatively low-level, inconsequential event," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. Canada, which has a conservative government, finds the absurdity intolerable. AFP reports: Canada is boycotting the UN Conference on Disarmament in protest after North Korea took over the rotating presidency of the body,...(Read Full Post)