McCain, the Republican Joe Lieberman

I'm no psychiatrist, psychologist or mental therapist of any stripe but I do have the normal range of observations of human behavior and I gotta tell you this McCain is operating on different wavelengths from the rest of us conservative Republicans. I tamped down my hesitation and voted for him in 2008 simply because the other choice was...well as you now well know, a disaster for America. I had reservations because I honestly thought that McCain's military experiences, while meriting his country's recognition and admiration, had perhaps left him in a mental state that might render his decisions as commander-in-chief sometimes unpredictable as are his decisions as a senator. And as president, it could be perhaps worse. I know that my own ground combat experiences in the same war as McCain's have colored my thinking for the remainder of my life, and my experiences were as nothing compared to his. What John McCain endured on behalf of this nation should be asked of no one. But it did...(Read Full Post)