Mark Halperin and the Selling Out of the Leftist Media

Ask many black conservatives and they can quickly define sell-out and list all the derogatory connotations "sell out" implies. Having often been labeled a sell-out myself, I present to you the required criteria for being tagged as such.  First, a sell-out must belong to a small group with a shared likeness of some kind -- be it race, agenda, profession, or culture. Second, that group must have an established platform of belief often with a leader of some sort at the helm. Third, the group must have a common enemy who regularly contests their established platform and worldview.  When the trusted member of this small group breaks one or all of these rules (either by going against the approved rhetoric or appearing to side with the enemy), he or she becomes a sell-out.  The sell-out is accused of saying one thing for duplicitous reasons while believing what the group holds true. It is tempting to cover for the cause. But the real sell-out is he who hides a true voice in...(Read Full Post)