Krugman's Con

Taking Paul Krugman apart is such a simple task.  No other person can be so wrong so many times on so many things in just a single sentence. Watching the evolution of economic discussion in Washington over the past couple of years has been a disheartening experience. Month by month, the discourse has gotten more primitive; with stunning speed, the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis have been forgotten, and the very ideas that got us into the crisis - regulation is always bad, what's good for the bankers is good for America, tax cuts are the universal elixir - have regained their hold. No one ever said "regulation is always bad," except a few Democrats when they want to slander conservatives.  Good regulation is part of the Rule of Law applauded by the Right.  Only bad regulations are bad, and there are plenty of them. No one ever said "what's good for the banker's is good for America."  Here Krugman seems to be making a play on a famous comment Charlie Wilson's...(Read Full Post)