Israel Is Not Being Delegitimized

On July 21, the Jerusalem-based Jewish People's Policy Institute (JPPI) posted an article by Brig. Gen. (ret.) Michael Herzog entitled "Don't Underestimate the Delegitimization of Israel." I strongly disagree with Brig. Gen. Herzog's ideas on the subject, so I wrote to him at JPPI, where he is a senior fellow. I told Brig. Gen. Herzog that he is miscalculating the effect and influence of anti-Jewish lunatic fringe groups in the world and confusing them with the world's governments.  The former are responsible for what everyone calls delegitimization, but in fact this is just a lot of hot, hostile air.  In its worst manifestation, the crazed anti-Israel lunatic fringe sometimes takes out an arrest warrant against an IDF officer for crimes against humanity or some such nonsense. Of course, this is serious, and ways need to be found to stop this ugly move on the part of the lunatic fringe.  But aside from the arrest warrants, the crazed lunatic fringe is impotent when it...(Read Full Post)