Hugo Chavez's get-well messages

Hugo Chavez, who is undergoing cancer treatment in a Cuban hospital, has gotten a number of get-well messages from world leaders and officials, ever since announcing details of his cancer and two surgeries. According to a statement from the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela/Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs: "Several presidents and senior officials from various countries have expressed their hope for the recovery of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who announced (last Thursday) his satisfactory progress after having undergone a second surgical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor." Quoting from messages sent by eight world leaders, the Embassy put a get-well message from Bolivia's leftist President Evo Morales at the top of its list. According to the Embassy, Morales wrote: "Soon he (Obama) will be with his Venezuelan people, but also with Latin America, as always, working for integration, solidarity and liberation of all people." "Be strong,...(Read Full Post)