Hugo Chavez returns home amid reports of 'botched' surgery in Cuba

Hugo Chavez made a surprise return to Venezuela on Monday, helping to ease political uncertainty that he will be unable to govern as he battles cancer. El Presidente, as Reuters reported, was his theatrical old self: "Here I am, home and happy! Good morning, beloved Venezuela," a bubbly Chavez said, punching his fist in the air and singing a folk song after touching down in the early hours." Soon, devoted Chavistas, as his supporters are called, took to the streets to celebrate. "Now I'm going to get some rest," Chavez said. How much rest? And how serious is Chavez's cancer? Well, neither Cuba nor Venezuela's governments have said much about that; not surprising given that authoritarian regimes are invariably closed-mouthed regarding the health of their leaders. Meanwhile, a Spanish daily newspaper claims to have gained access to a Venezuelan medical report that sheds light on Chavez's medical treatment -- or mistreatment -- in Cuba for what it said turned out...(Read Full Post)