Ho hum. Boehner's third version of debt ceiling bill passes the House

It was hard for me to get worked up over the supposed drama of the close vote in the House.  Speaker Boehner averted a serious humiliation when his third iteration of the two stage commission-laden debt ceiling bill passed the House 218 to 210, with 22 Republicans voting No.   Establishment pundits like Charles Krauthammer assure conservatives they have won a victory, by turning the tide in the direction of spending cuts.  Tea Partiers grumble at the cosmic insignificance of the tiny percentage reduction in the planned rate of growth of the deficit. Most depressing of all, the realization is spreading that, as Rush put it, we have been played. The next stop is the Senate, which will revise the bill to its liking, essentially Harry Reid's earlier version with a fig leaf for the GOP.  Then the House will be presented a fait accompli, with intense time pressure to do something. Very little of sustentative nature will change. Politics as usual won. The Tea Party wants...(Read Full Post)