Harvey Milk, the New Gay MLK?

The California State Senate just passed a bill called the Fair Education Act, which bears the same Orwellian relationship to fairness as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea does to democracy. According to Fox News: [G]ay rights activists in California are moving closer to victory in the classroom, which, under pending legislation, would become "gender sensitive" zones, mandating history lessons about gays and transgender Americans. If the State Assembly passes the bill, it will add the strength of law to what is perhaps an irreversible trend: transforming history class into an affirmative action program that retroactively rights the wrongs perpetrated by privileged white straight males. In the words of State Sen. Mark Leno, the bill's author, the Fair Education Act "will require that roles and contributions of LGBT Americans, not unlike African-Americans, Mexican Americans, women, and other traditionally overlooked groups, be included in school curriculum." Since the school day...(Read Full Post)