Greece Not Allowing 'Gaza' Boats to Sail

It appears that the Greek government has had enough of the antics that the activists on board the 'Free Gaza' ships are using in their varied attempts to join the flotilla that is aimed at breaching the Israeli coastal blockade of Gaza. Two vessels, the US Audacity of Hope, and the Canadian Tahrir have been detained, and several members of the vessels have been arrested.  To date, Greek authorities are not allowing boats destined for Gaza to leave from their local ports. On the eve of Independence Day, after the captain of the US Audacity of Hope was arrested for leaving port without Coast Guard approval, the passengers held a demonstration where nine passengers wore signs around their necks indicating their participation in an open-ended 'hunger strike.' The other demonstrators displayed "Free Gaza," and "Let Freedom Ring' posters; they wore tee shirts saying "Unarmed Civilian," "Do No Harm" and "Stay Human"; and they sang, to the tune of 'When the troops go Marching By,' "Oh...(Read Full Post)