Go for it!

It is time to drop the curtain on the debt ceiling play ongoing in Washington D.C.   The Republicans in the House need to pass the modified Boehner Plan which will include $1.2 Trillion in actual cuts (as verified by the Congressional Budget Office) and a rise in the debt ceiling of nearly $1 Trillion. The importance of this is tactic is to place the next round of debt issues squarely in the midst of the next election thus forcing Obama and the Democrats up against the wall to produce a solution to the fiscal tsunami they created.   The abject fear of this issue being debated during the election has prompted the threats of "dead on arrival" in the Senate and a veto by Obama. This past July 8 I suggested this same course of action in the knowledge that Obama's only motivation and that of the Democrats was to pin the blame for the economy on the Tea Party in order to finally marginalize them.   All their actions and public pronouncements have proven that...(Read Full Post)