Feeling depressed?

I am a patriotic American who is terribly depressed and angry about the state of the country. Everywhere I look I see decline and rot and America's values and spirit under attack. I have been a keen student of American history and politics for well over 50 years and I have never seen the country in such poor shape or been this discouraged. President Obama is to blame for this. In trying to fundamentally change America and remake it in his own image he has, among other things, ruined the economy, flouted and ignored the rule of law (especially as it pertains to him and the office of President), allowed an Islamic fifth column to take root which wants to change our way of life and make America into a country ruled by Islam, practiced politics of sleaze and division, failed to defend our civil liberties and basic values and run roughshod over our institutions, denigrated us on the world stage, turned us into an international laughingstock that no one takes seriously anymore,...(Read Full Post)