Fareed Zakaria Offers Advice, Consent to Obama

Fareed Zakaria, news reporter for CNN and editor-at-large of Time magazine, when assessing the Afghanistan situation back in 2009, came very close to forecasting what is now occurring.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Obama announced the beginning of a troop draw down from Afghanistan.  Was Zakaria advising the president to draw the troops down over a year and a half ago? In a CNN interview in May 2011 with Eliot Spitzer, Zakaria explained he has been having "face-to-face meetings" with the president. "You know, it's usually organized by Tom Donilon, the national security adviser," he said. From Washington Post December 2009 Zakaria wrote: For his policy [committing to a troop surge in Afghanistan, then drawing them down] to succeed, Obama will need to maintain his focus come July 2011. Afghanistan will not be transformed by that date...The situation will still be somewhat unstable. But that should still be the moment to begin the transition to Afghan rule...by the end of...(Read Full Post)