Do we really need to know who killed Osama?

Who killed Osama bin Laden? For safety's sake let's just say President Barack  Obama (D) did the terrific deed. Why for safety's sake? Obviously the US government does not want to name the lead government agent(s),--probably from the CIA--who directed the multi years' long operation to find him. Retribution and all that. Pakistan has just arrested the doctor who supposedly obtained bin Laden's DNA ; others are searching for those who contributed to bin Laden's wipe out; certainly they won't stop at merely arresting them. However as Jana Winter of Fox News reports certain news/web media sites think discovering--and revealing--the name of the director of the search and destroy bin Laden mission is as important as revealing the very first instance of some starlet's "baby bump" and discovering the paternity and due date of said bump. The gossipy site Gawker (no, I won't give you the link) posted an article enhanced with several photos of the possible agent; the AP, New York...(Read Full Post)